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FOX Business
Aug 15, 2013 10:00pm EDT
% say that they would vote for clinton in only 39% for joe biden. that i a pretty profound showing for something three years in the making. >> she had breakfast with joe biden the other day and the subject came up in 2016. although she didn't say i hope he won't run, she made it clear according to my report of people who went to the breakfast, that he avoided telling her that he would not run, he left her a definite impression that he was thinking seriously about it. lou: he also had lunch with the president the republicans are getting ready for 2014. they haven't declared it yet. they are talking about making it happen. they have a lot to explain the law to energize their base, which is precisely what it has been for the past two presidential elections, 30s and trend. >> they certainly do. the clintons, in the meantime, actually piling up in potential donors and it's going to be a very formal candidate,which is why in th world they have done is. >> thank you, we appreciate it. >> there is a lot of energizing to do. up next, the second consecutive triple digit loss for the dow jone
Comedy Central
Aug 15, 2013 6:55pm PDT
house is hiring behavioral experts. and this time it's not to get joe biden to stop drinking out of the toilet. see, the administration is trying out a psychology trick called a nudge which encourages behavior subtly rather than outright requires it. now a nudge is is not to be confused with someone forcing you to do something at gun point. that's called a nuge. and like all of obama's ideas, folks, he got this one from our enemies in europe. for instance, in amsterdam's skip-ole international airport management painted pictures of house flies on the urinals in the men's room and the quantity of misdirected urine is said to have fallen by 80%. although, yes, impressive. although the quantity of suicides by government urine trackers skyrocketed. folks, this nudging is nothing more than obama administration controlling us with guilt. this is worse than big brother. this is big mother. before long, you will be getting us to conserve electricity like this. you don't have to use a compact fluorescent bulb if you don't want to. it doesn't matter. you've got more important things to do.
FOX News
Aug 16, 2013 12:00am PDT
worthy of mockery here and joe biden is walking around as clueless as mr. mcgoo you think they would find something funny. they are that mean high school crew. >> you mean to tell me that joe biden has never been made fun of? joy not by left wing caw -- >> not by left wing comedians. >> they have made an industry out of making fun of him. >> america's baby-sitter is calling a time-out. bill, you bring up the point that there are other examples in 1994. george hw there was a rodeo clown and pearl jam's eddie vetter took a mask and spiked it on a mike -- on a mic stand. >> that's edgy. >> greg, you mentioned the clown will write a book "behind the mask, how i took america by the horns" and that book has been written already. that booing is out there. that book is out there. >> i have will have to come up with a different title. >> i thought it was inspiring. there has been untimely death of people who mock god. >> that is true. >> that's something to be aware of. >> mike, you don't like the story, but i wonder if you think the president should call for a beer summit between him and the rode
Aug 16, 2013 6:00am PDT
of elephant this time. that's the reality. there's a lot of people who would run if hillary doesn't run. joe biden, martin o'malley, howard dean or at least strongly consider it. i think that's something why not, go hang out in iowa, see what the temperatures are like. raise your hand, tell people you're still around. remember, newt gingrich had famously said in 2012, don't tell them you're not running. once you do that, no one pays attention to you. >> now, as republicans wrap up their summer meeting in boston, what does the fight for the right mean for the party and the candidates who want to lead it? let's bring in the rest. we're bringing in "the washington post" jackie kucinich who happens to be my host of our new web show. and viviana arturo, founder of the wives latino club. jackie, let me start with you. this is fascinating. chris christie, between fighting with rand paul openly, kind of speaking his mind, that we need to win. it's a view many people in the establishment and the party hold. is it a view that he can run? and more importantly, win on in 2016? >> depending on what part
Aug 16, 2013 10:00am PDT
overwhelmingly admire the job she did. just look at the new hampshire democratic poll that was out. 60-8 over joe biden who i think has been the best vice president in my lifetime. she's 60-8 ahead. she is in a different stratosphere than she was in 2007-2008. >> i tell you what i would do, ed, if i were running the rnc, i would buy time and when the phone rings at 3:00 in the morning, add again, the president's foreign policy, i think that would make some people chatter. >> 860 some odd plus days until iowa. i think we have some time to think about both of those things. i have a feeling we may talk about this again. >>> moving on right now, some other stories that we are talking about, it is the battle of the bio pics at the box office. the much buzz about "the butler" which features oprah winfrey's first major movie performance in 15 years. also hitting theaters, the story about steve jobs that stars ashton kutcher. they say that everything is bigger in texas. well, if you're talking about large screen hd tvs, they might be right. tuesday the houston texans, by the way, unveiled the world's lar
FOX News
Aug 16, 2013 3:00am PDT
to be anointed. how do you think joe biden feels. you know he's thinking what about me? >>brian: howard dean is heading to iowa. you never know about governor cuomo running. xian know, your name is in the prompt -- shannon, your name is in the prompter. >>shannon: investigators say there is no evidence to blame engine failure for that u. p-fpl s. cargo crash. they are hoping to get more information from the black boxes they did recover yesterday. >> these boxes are made not to be opened up. they're made to be, withstand crash forces and heat. therefore, it's a little difficult to get into them. we have to saw into them and cut into them, and that takes some time. and there's software they have to use to download the data. >> the twin engine was bound from pweurplg -- birmingham to louisville when it went down. pilot and copilot died. this man caught on camera drugging one of his employees. police in florida arrested him after they say he spiked a female bartender's drink at the bar. the 27 went to the hospital after she started feeling funny. tobgs cole gists found out she had amphetamine in
Aug 16, 2013 1:00am EDT
-- resurfacing. joe biden is coming next month. >> c-span and c-span radio will be covering this in clear lake iowa. tell us a little bit about the event. she is speaking there but honoring hillary clinton. how will that work? caller: right. they gave the award to a democrat this year. she is true -- coming simply to help campaign for a democratic congressman here running for the senate. she has also spoken to iowans at the national convention in north carolina. it is interesting she is coming back. >> does amy have any interest? is there talk about her possibly forming in interest in running for president in 2016? caller: yes. when we asked her in north carolina, she brushed off questions about becoming president. we have asked -- activists from last week. they were promoting a generic female president. one of the names were dropped. if you look at any hotlist or possible democratic candidate that hillary clinton does not run, amy is always on the list. >> also reporting on the republican meeting, which c-span recorded part of today. the headline on the site. the headline says, the national g
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)